I Need More Dinner Bell

We recently added a dinner bell to our daily routine. One of the best parts of my day is the explosion of excitement the instant the kids hear its brassy tone. They drop everything and sprint to the sink yelling, “Yay, wash hands! Time to eat!” as if there is a fire to put out. I wonder in the years to come, when they hear another bell, will they inadvertently drop things and start running to the nearest water source? Will they start to salivate?

In the KrausnicKitchen, I am always on the lookout for delicious, healthy, budget-friendly recipes to serve my family. I am finding quite a few recipes online and needed a place to track it all. This blog will record my findings, list the source, and I will indicate where I’ve made changes. Occasionally, there will be a creation that comes straight from the KrausnicKitchen. (To read more about my inspiration, click here.)

In the chaos of the day, when hope is fading that a healthy, delicious meal will make it to the table, don’t despair. There’s a search feature on the “interweb” where I can type in ingredients and sometimes hit the jackpot. I hope to share my findings with you and your family.

How do you call the herd to the table? Get ready, THEY’RE HUNGRY!

2 Responses to “I Need More Dinner Bell”
  1. Sherri Lee says:

    Love this!! Knowing you and K, your kids WILL drop everything as adults and run to the nearest source. Guaranteed! 🙂 So glad you are doing this blog. You are an AWESOME cook!!

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